Bullseye was professional new material design house&manufacturer based on our unique technology and creative invention for more Energy Saving, Safety Privacy, Sustainable Green Life.

Bullseye was founded at Taiwan on 2011. The founder, Philips Lou, was graduated from Taiwan Chung-Cheng University on 2000. During the Ph.D. Program, he had accomplished the Ultra-Short Femto-Second Pulsing Laser, and hit the record by 9 femto-second, when the record worldwide is 5 femto-second at that moment. Philips had worked for CHIMEI Electronics (the Top two LCD Panel factory in Taiwan), and TSMC (Top 1st Semiconductor enterprise in the world), as being one professional R&D engineer dedicating on optical and lithography area. And then Philips joined Taiwan 3M, the most wonderful&tremendous company which well developed innovator prompting great ideas and inventions all the time. 3M, my dream company, said Philips. In 2011, Philips got the inspiration from the movie, The Social Network. Philips founded his company, named JohnPHIL, dedicated on the products development in the optical and chemical field. Philips applied his critical invention of Remote Phosphor Tape, he got the US PATENT APPROVAL in 2014 eventually.

In 2011, Philips invented “Tablet Bulb” , which could output uniform and tender light featured by slim tablet along with E27/B22 BASE. This invention acquired the bronze medal in PARIS INVENTION EXPO in 2012. In the mean year, ultra-slim panel light had been developed, 8.6mm thichness, 10mm bazel. 2.3kg weightness with driver on 60x60cm dimension. That was most beautiful panel lights I ever seen, moon-like uniform& sun-like brightness said Mr.Alain Tessler, the President of French Customer. Adoption with Remote phosphor Technology, and edge-lit panel light design know-how, we published the first grow lights with panel lighting in Taiwan, which could provide best optical spectrum for different plants, for example, B:R=1:4/1:9 or full-spectrum. Accumulated by 20 patents and 30Millions USD revenues yearly, Philips decided to authorize the patents and release customer to GSEO, listed company in Taiwan and famous Apple lens-supplier, in order to get more victories on business expansion.

In 2017, Philips moved the lighting and new material business from Taiwan to Suzhou, China, and Bullseye has passed the evaluation of High-Tech leading business in Zhangjiagang, Suzhou. Today, we are going to celebrate the other invention paradise build up by Bullseye. We are elevating on brain storming, we are honoring competition on product innovation, rather than cost reduction merely. if you wanna a creative partner, choose Bullseye, if you wanna find a wonderful business to devote your witness and hard-working , choose Bullseye. I believe and claim confidently, you will see prosperity and glory once you collaborating with us. Bullseye, Lighting-on in Your Creative Way.

Faith is to believe before seeing confidently. What we are going to do is providing Eco&Green solutions to change the world, and developing WOW products to change human life, pop up innovative ideas to change the future.