Graphene-Enhanced Curved LED Filament Bulb A60_8W_Dimmable

From the thermal dissipation test of LED filament, graphene heat dissipation coating can further reduce the surface temperature of filament up to 25℃.

Graphene heat dissipation techniques can significantly reduce the temperature of various LED light. We applied graphene heat dissipation paint and thermal conductive grease to current LED lamp products to improve the LED heat issue, which can further enhance its efficiency and life time.

Graphene-Enhanced Lighting Technology by Advanced Lighting Solutions Group at Bullseye. Less pollution since much lower temperature produced in Graphene-Enhanced heat dissipation system. Seeing is believing,

  • The weight of Graphene-inside High-bay was only 60% of aluminum products. Lighter, more Reliable, and Longer operating life of Bullseye Graphene-inside LED Lamps.
  • More reliability in various of weather conditions.
  • Longer operating life.
  • Processing costs are more effective and more environmentally friendly.
  • Heat was the most enemy we have to defeat in LED lighting system. To win by Graphene Tech@Bullseye

Graphene-Enhanced Lighting Tech